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Guitar lessons, all styles, all levels, all genres, from beginner to advanced; both in person, in classes, and online.
Guitar Lesson Packages

Notmywayguitar offers a whole range of lesson packages to suit your needs!

Each package below is a potential package that I could offer you, but each could also be tailored to your individual needs. Please contact me direct for more info! 
  1. 1
    Beginner Package 1
    Easy Chords Simple Songs Basic Theory Basic Fingerstyle Proper Technique Strumming Patterns
  2. 2
    Intermediate Package
    Popular Songs Open Chords Barre Chords Travis Picking Technique Exercises Strumming Patterns Sight Reading and Tabs
  3. 3
    Advanced Package
    Fingerstyle Flatpicking Jazz Chords Exotic Scales Advanced Theory Advanced Rhythms Sight Reading Improvisation (Soloing)
  4. 4
    Rock Guitar Package
    Power Chords Pentatonic Scales Bending Guitar Tone Muting Rhythm Lead
  5. 5
    Jazz Guitar Package
    Tunes Jazz Chords Scales Arpeggios Comping Improv Chord Melody
  6. 6
    Right hand technique Left hand technique Music Notation Scales Arpeggios Pieces
  7. 7
    Country/ Bluegrass
    Chords Scales Style Licks Songs
  8. 8
    Technique Gear Style Chords Scales Reading Charts Songs Hymns Reworked